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  1. Lisa, i thoroughly enjoyed listening to you tonight @ jewishbookweek-i have read through your blog(my 1st!)& love your style & all your interesting comments…judah’s photos were gr8 & i have wanted to see what robin lustig looks like for years as he is in my bedroom regularly (i listen to radio4 & the world tonight!) Many thanks & carry on writing in your fresh & informative style -All the best fx

  2. Dear Lisa,

    I enjoyed your lift to the Jewish Book Week and valued your comment that most Israelis don’t follow English-language media or, by extension, foreign media. Not surprising, but what does that say for Ha’aretz’ audience? I subscribed to the Alternative Information Center’s ‘News From Within’ mag but it’s been over a year and haven’t received any issues – perhaps they folded. What I liked about the one issue I did buy (at the American-owned Borders chain here in London, no less) was their piece on how the privatisation of the Israeli social benefits system was short-changing the indended recipients. So, I will keep an eye on your site.

    The American news industry wasn’t discussed specifically during your panel, but it is perhaps the most important media, given that Washington gives $3b to Israel every year, yet its citizens know nothing about the country. I’m appalled whenever I visit the States that neither National Public Radio nor the better newspapers criticise the Israeli government. They reinforce the Bush attitude that the Israel should not negotiate with Hamas, when, in fact, like in Northern Ireland, it’ll have to happen eventually. I realise many Israelis know this, even if established governments do not. It’s not as if the news is censored in the States (I found Ilan Pappe’s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine at a Barnes & Noble chain shop in a Florida city where the supermarkets sell a great many books on how to live life the so-called Jesus way), but the USA mass media is unconscionably without substance.

    The biggest difference between BBC Radio 4 and the World Service is that the former never hesitates to elbow international news off the agenda when a local (British) story will do. I often compare agenda of their like-for-like news broadcasts with those on the WS and the latter is generally more rewarding. This is especially true with breaking news and live phone-ins (a new area for the WS). During the 2006 invasion of Lebanon the Have Your Say slot was riveting.

    You mentioned that photo of the girls painting onto tank rockets but the more salient image for me from that time was one of several young, upmarket Beirut women driving through a ruined section of the city as if they were doing a fashion shoot.

    My best,
    Andy Simons

  3. Nu? Who are you?

  4. Lisa, I don’t know if you noticed, but you accidentally put up two “About” pages… I think you should delete the redundant one.

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