About the comments

A lot of otherwise sane people tend to go a little crazy when the subject is the Middle East in general, and Israel/Palestine in particular. Since most of my blog posts are about my life and experiences in Israel and other parts of the Middle East, I am very leery of seeing the comment threads turn into an angry free-for-all. In order to maintain a welcoming atmosphere and a civilized, intelligent conversation between readers, I do moderate comments. Dissent is more than welcome – it is the stuff of stimulating debate, which I love. But let’s keep it nice (as they say in Canada).

I reserve the right to weed out any comments that contain the following:

  • Hate speech and/or racism;
  • Threatening or defamatory language;
  • Rude or obnoxious language;
  • Nazi analogies;
  • Personal attacks;
  • Repetitive arguments;
  • Stuff that makes it sound as if the commenter thinks s/he has a direct telephone line to God and/or the messiah.

5 responses to “About the comments

  1. Because you can’t have depths without surfaces
    (linda grant) write below the ripples where
    clarity reveals. . . .beauty.

  2. I just wanted to offer my support, not because the Israeli government is harassing you but because I think any and all harassment of journalists by governments is wrong. It’s wrong when the Israelis do it to Palestinians or Israelis, and wrong when the Arab governments do it to Arabs and Israelis, too.

    My big push is to overcome this taboo in the Arab press prohibiting them from interviewing Israeli leaders, or to participate in meetings with Israeli journalists.

    It’s not easy, but I think that when one stands for principle, then it becomes a little stronger of an effort.

    The principle here is not about ones ethnicity or race or religion, but the higher principle of professional journalism and through professional journalism, accuracy, truth and fairness.

    I hope things work out for you. If there is something I can do other than raising the issue a bit from this perspective, let me know

    best regards
    Ray Hanania

  3. susanne woyciechowicz


    I met you at D.’s on Friday and wished there was more time to talk…so I have been reading your posts…and I love the way you write. It feels very real and as though I can share your experiences. I was unable to subscribe to your blog for some reason…probably my lack of computer expertise. You have such a clear voice. I hope I get the opportunity to speak with you again… s

  4. Hey Lisa,
    If “lets keep it nice” is a Canadian saying, why do they allow fighting in hockey, eh?

  5. Did you see the review of WWB? Am in two minds about the film and the blog but I want the soundtrack. Did your right-wing Lebbo friends see it? Would love to hear what they thought of how the Phlange were portrayed…

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